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Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of frequently asked questions about our business blogging service. Our FAQ explains how everything works. Click a question, see the answer.

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Web designers are great at web design and they could easily set up a blog within your website. But then you're on your own and you have to do all the work yourself. We're with you every step of the way and publish blog posts for you, week in, week out.

They are partially right. Your blog has to be within your 'domain' not within your website. Let us explain: your website is at www.yourdomain.com and your blog (if you choose to work with us) will be at blog.yourdomain.com. Both 'www' and 'blog' are subdomains of yourdomain.com and Google states quite clearly that it treats them equally.

We always recommend that an individual uses their own name when claiming their space on the web. You may not be able to get a dot com with your own name, but there are many other 'top level domains' available. We'll certainly help you choose the right one for you.

No, not at all. In fact it's going to bring more traffic to your overall domain. Websites bring traffic in from search engines and blogs bring in traffic from social media. There is some crossover here (when blog posts rank and you share website pages to social). And remember, it's not a separate blog if it's under your own domain name.

Our founder and lead developer, Steffi Lewis, published her first website for the Open University in 1994, founded a web design company in 1997, was involved with the dot-com boom in 2001, started blogging in 2006 whilst she was working in California, then built the foundations of this online marketing platform in 2010, launching sblogit.com in 2011.

In years worth of experience, she's now in her 24 years of working with the Internet. So quite a bit more experienced than most!

No, we've developed our entire online marketing platform ourselves. It has the best bits of Wordpress, to create blogs and websites, but also includes similar functionality to Hootsuite and MailChimp too! So instead of using many different platforms, with different interfaces, there's just one that lets you do everything you need.

You may think that you'd rather use these other products to create your blog or website, do your social media sharing and send out your email, but remember, we offer a completely managed service to do all that for you so there's no triple learning curve and you can be involved as much or as little as you like.

The best thing is that as a customer, you have direct access to the developers which is something you'd never get with these other platforms! Whatever help you need, just get in touch.

When we say that we offer a fully managed service, we mean just that. We can do it all for you! Normally, we ask our blogging clients to spend 20 minutes a week jotting down some words of wisdom and then emailing them in for us to finish and polish as a blog post. But we can write your blog posts for you if you'd prefer; Either way, we'll send you reminders so you can decide what to do each week.

We can do your social media sharing for you every working day (you just answer any enquiries you get from social media), we can send out your mailer once a week describing your latest blog post, and we can copy write the pages of your website.

We're also there to support you whatever technical questions you have.

No, sorry. Your blog and/or website need to be part of our online marketing platform. We don't work on other sites except to advise your web designer on how to get your blog posts to appear on your website home page.

There's no reason you can't have your existing website with your web designer and have your blog with us. A few little tweaks to your DNS and both can appear under your overall domain so you get all that lovely Google Juice.

We offer a completely managed, end to end solution and have total confidence in our online marketing platform and the services we offer around it. If we were to work with Wordpress blogs and websites then it would dilute and degrade our own offering.

Everything we do is on a monthly subscription, with the first month's payment due on the day we publish your first blog post following your 30-day free trial. You'll then be invoiced the next month on either the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of each month and payment is by direct debit.

If you are an individual using your own domain name then go into your Advanced DNS settings and either modify the www record if it is available, or create a new one called www. In the IP number box, enter then click update.

If you already have a website at www and want to create a new blog record that points at our servers, go into your Advanced DNS and add a new A Record called blog. In the IP number box, enter then click the update button.

It may take up to 24 hours to propagate fully around the Internet but when it does, you'll see your core blog or website appear. It will show the domain name at the top. We'll then be able to start work on the branding and add content.

We can do the DNS updates for you if you need us to.

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