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A Closer Look: Our Social Media Sharing Service

One of the key needs of social media is regularly sharing. But small business owners and entrepreneurs don't have the time.

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Social media is one part of your online marketing strategy to drive traffic to your brand!

Social media is one part of your online marketing strategy to drive traffic to your brand!

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The second issue you face is figuring out what to share and when! If you're out there doing deals and working for clients, anything more than a regular 'visit my website' kind of post takes the focus away from generating vital income.

The days of exclusively driving traffic to your website are most certainly over. In the 21st century it's about driving traffic to your brand so blogging, social media and email are all part of that online marketing mix now, as your website has traditionally been.

"Remember, if your website is your shop window, your blog is your front door. And social media? That's the sign outside that says come on in!"

One of the things we noticed a few years ago was that my clients were posting their blog posts on social media every day. And it wasn't just the latest post we had created for them, they were sharing historical posts purely for variation.

So we asked them about that and they said that they liked the variation with people seeing their brand and reading their words of wisdom to prove they knew what they were talking about. One even said "Well Steffi, it's far better than just sending people to my website homepage over and over again, that just gets boring and turns people off."

So we built our Pulse page into each client's blog. Originally, this gave them an easy way to share their blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, either directly, or by using Buffer. Then someone asked for sales messages (including links to various pages on their website) so we added that in, then videos, then testimonials and then news. Each client's Pulse pages is now a central 'silo' of content that can easily be shared.

Not all of our clients needed all of that functionality, so some are still happy to just share their blog posts to their usual social media feeds. But some pay us to do sharing for them.

"Every working day, we share up to 6 random things to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!"

That's 18 shares per client (sometimes more, sometimes less, it depends what they want), every working day, and you'd think it would take a huge amount of time to do it each morning. Well, not with our social media sharing service. It takes our clients no time at all (because we do it for them) and it takes us around five minutes per client.

Our service has fixed times built in and we can decide beforehand that at a specific time of day we're going to share a specific type of thing from Pulse, be that blog posts, sales messages, testimonials, videos or news.

We bring up the Pulse sharing page each morning, it randomly chooses what to share and when; we may add a custom message to it and ping ... press a button and it sets those 18 or more shares up and then each client's likers, followers and connections see them appearing in their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin feeds throughout the day.

We do have to add this caveat here: remember there's no guarantee with organic reach on social media that everyone you're connected to will see it ... unless you pay to play using Facebook ads and Boosting.

But regularly sharing every day gives you a far better 'chance' of people seeing your brand, messages and words of wisdom, so wouldn't it be a great idea to let us do that for you as part of your simple monthly subscription with us?

"We do all the work, and you get all the glory? What's not to like about that?"

Call us on 0333 335 0420 to find out more about our social media sharing service, leave a comment below or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to send us an email enquiry and we'll be in touch.

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